I Deserve A Shopping Spree
I gave myself a treat and bought leather Bomber jackets for women, just to reward myself for a job well done. I've always been a fan. After every project, I make sure I give myself a well-deserved pat on the back. But I guess buying two leather bomber jackets for women means that I gave myself 2 pats.Anyway, despite having bought two very unique items, which I was very happy about... My sister stole one. Okay, borrowed, but doesn't seem to have plans of returning it. I'm making sure I obtain justice by retrieving what is rightfully mine!

Father Fruto
I just gave Father Fruto, our Church minister leather Bomber jackets for men from my collection. I'm sure he'd like to wear something else aside from that white ghostly rag he drags all day. Actually, I have a collection of 8 leather Bomber jackets for men and have been buying for the last 18 months. They're so durable, stylish, cozy, and soft...which are all the qualities I find in jackets. And I don't regret owning 8 of them, because the material used is strong and sturdy but soft and simple. I'm sure Father Fruto will love sporting his own.

Ronald Bongalo

Big Hearted Bully
I'm a bully. Everyone knows it, even my mom; but since I never changed over the years, they just stopped trying to change me. My mom though knew better. We went online together and at, she bought me a leather Bomber jacket for men. It was a shade of brown with white edges and black buttons. It was something, alright. When it arrived, she helped me put it on and said, I hope this warms your heart. From that day on, I stopped pushing people around. This beautiful jacket did warm me. In fact, all 6 of them do.

Rhyme Matthews

My Professor...
I've always hated Physics but Professor Jim never failed to make me feel like he hated me more. He always asked me questions and would embarrass me in front of class. I thought of fighting back but decided to gift him instead. A leather Bomber jacket for men that I bought at He accepted it and walked away, not saying a single word. After that, nothing changed. He still kept taunting me. During graduation, he approached and gave me a hug, then walked away; I never heard from him since. But I believe I touched his heart that day.

Julie Anne Trinidad

Best Way To Surprise Your Boyfriend
I've never been good at surprises; I can't keep the excitement in me long enough until the actual event happens. But I stuck to my plan and prepared for the special day of my boyfriend of 9 years. I hid behind the door and waited for him to see everything I prepared for that night. The look on his face was epic, but what I loved more was seeing his touching smirk as I showed him two limited editions of leather Bomber jackets for men. He just put one on and kissed me right there. It was night to remember.

Kelly Holster